Orvieto, Umbria, Italy

The Duomo in Orvieto, Umbria
The town of Orvieto in southern Umbria is perched high on top of the plug of an ancient volcano. The volcano has long since disappeared but the plug, comprising a soft porous rock known as tufa remains. The Etruscans recognised the site as a highly defensible positionRead more

Olive Harvest On The Tuscany Umbria Border, Italy

Gathering the olives in the net
Every autumn in late October and early November we harvest the olives at Casa del Lupo and Casa degli Ulivi (ulivi is local dialect for olive, so Casa degli Ulivi means House of the Olives). We've slowly been pruning the trees back into shape, which is aRead more

Images Of Cortona

The town of Cortona in Tuscany
Cortona is one of Tuscany's finest hill towns, below is a gallery of photos taken on a walk around the town. The town hall in Cortona, Tuscany The beautiful town of Cortona is close to many of our rental villas, farmhouses and apartments on the Tuscany Umbria border,Read more

Lake Trasimeno Image Gallery

Winter sunset on Lake Trasimeno, Umbria
These astounding photos of Lake Trasimeno were taking by a visitor, Patrick Partington, who stayed with us last winter and kindly gave me permission to use his images. Winter sunset on Lake Trasimeno, Umbria Lake Trasimeno is Italy's fourth largest Lake and is a backdrop to muchRead more