The Waterfalls At Sasso, Città di Castello

A great place to go on a hot summer day are the waterfalls at Sasso, a hamlet on the picturesque road between Città di Castello and Pietralunga. The waterfalls cascade through a series of large pools where you can swim and cool off from the heat. TheRead more

Le Logge, Restaurant In Città di Castello

Tagliata at La Logge Restaurant in Citta di Castello
On Friday night I went out in Città di Castello with a group of my Italian friends from the sommelier course that I've been doing over the last year. Tagliata at La Logge Restaurant in Citta di Castello Being Italian and trainee sommeliers, they have a strong interestRead more

A Visit to Cantina Bianchini

Wine tasting at the Bianchini winery in Umbria
Bianchini Winery, Selci, Umbria The Bianchini winery is in the small town of Selci, situated just north of Città di Castello in the Upper Tiber Valley, Umbria.  I went there yesterday with a group of trainee sommeliers to learn how to prune vines and course, to tasteRead more

The Round Bell Tower in Città di Castello

The Circular Bell Tower in Citta di Castello, Umbria
If you visit Città di Castello in the Upper Tiber Valley and look at the town from afar you will notice a circular bell tower that features prominently on the skyline. Once you get into the town centre you might wonder if you had imagined seeing it, theRead more

Antique Market In Citta di Castello

On the third Sunday of every month the Umbrian town of Citta di Castello hosts an antique market. Citta di Castello is sometimes (and in my opinion unfairly) dismissed by guidebook writers in a few lines. It has a lovely centro storico with lots of good restaurantsRead more