La Grotta, A Restaurant In Cortona

Mixed antipasti at La Grotta, Cortona
La Grotta is one of my favourite restaurants in Cortona, I last went there for after going on my Monte Ginezzo Walk in the hills behind the town. La Grotta is located just off the Piazza della Repubblica, right in the centre of Cortona. Despite its central location theRead more

Sagra dei Bringoli

Bringoli, a thick hand made spaghetti type pasta
An Italian Village Festa in Lisciano Niccone It seems that almost every village in Tuscany and Umbria has a festa of some sort each summer. If the festa is food related it is referred to as a "sagra" and Lisciano Niccone holds a festa in honour of aRead more

Pizza at Pizzeria Nestor

Pizza at Pizzeria Nestore
One of the great things about living in Italy is that you can go out and eat really good pizza for very little money if you know the right place to go. Pizza at Pizzeria Nestore One such pizzeria is Nestor in Verna, just outside the smallRead more


Porchetta is whole roast pig sold from vans on the side of the road in Italy
If you visit Tuscany & Umbria you are likely to come across road-side vans selling porchetta, wood fired oven roasted pig that is flavored with garlic, salt and fennel. They are also a common sight at markets and, porchetta, when served in a bread roll, makes a greatRead more

Trattoria Dardano, Cortona

Whilst in Cortona celebrating my sister’s birthday we went to Trattoria Dardano for lunch before going on my Cortona Walk. Trattoria Dardano is located about halfway along via Dardano, a road that runs north and gently uphill from Cortona’s main square, piazza della Repubblica. The portions here are generous soRead more

Trattoria Mimmi

The lasagna at Trattoria Mimmi
Trattoria Mimmi is probably the oldest restaurant in the Niccone Valley. Located in the village of Mercatale di Cortona, it is famous for the huge servings of delicious home made pasta. The lasagna at Trattoria Mimmi The menu is simple, you are asked if you would likeRead more

Preggio Castagna Festa 2013

Roasting chestnuts at the Preggio Festa di Castagna
It's now the winter in the Niccone Valley and at this time of year you often come across stalls selling roasted chestnuts in Italian town centers.  October is the start of the chestnut season and in that month many of the local villages hold festivals dedicated toRead more