The Ruined Church, Basilica Di San Benedetto, In The Centre Of Norcia, Umbria
A Visit To Norcia, A Town In Southern Umbria The town of Norcia in southern Umbria is famous for both religious and culinary reasons. On the religious side of the equation, Norcia was the birthplace of St Benedict, founder of the Benedictine monastic order. On the culinaryRead more

Sagra dei Bringoli

Bringoli, a thick hand made spaghetti type pasta
An Italian Village Festa in Lisciano Niccone It seems that almost every village in Tuscany and Umbria has a festa of some sort each summer. If the festa is food related it is referred to as a "sagra" and Lisciano Niccone holds a festa in honour of aRead more

Trattoria Mimmi

The lasagna at Trattoria Mimmi
Trattoria Mimmi is probably the oldest restaurant in the Niccone Valley. Located in the village of Mercatale di Cortona, it is famous for the huge servings of delicious home made pasta. The lasagna at Trattoria Mimmi The menu is simple, you are asked if you would likeRead more