The Battle Of Lake Trasimeno

A Legionnaire at Trasimeno
Lake Trasimeno is entirely within the Italian region of Umbria but, in places, the Tuscan border runs very close to the northern and western shores. There was intense fighting in World War II near the Lake as allied forces pushed the Germans back from what was knownRead more

Cortona Walk

The church of Santa Margarita, Cortona
Here are the directions for the Cortona town walk taken from my e-book, Circular Walks On The Tuscany Umbria Border by Martin Daykin. You can also get this walk on your Kindle for free by clicking on "try a sample". Alternatively, you can buy the whole bookRead more

Chimneys In Cortona

Today I had to visit the bank in Cortona, and used the opportunity to photograph some of the town's many chimneys. The sky was looking threatening and added a dramatic backdrop to the images, luckily for me, I got back to the car before the heavy downpour started.Read more

Cantine Aperte In Montefalco, Umbria

Wine being served at Cantine Aperte in Montefalco, Umbria
On the last Sunday in May the popular Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars) wine event is held in Umbria. Circumstances usually conspire against me so that I miss Cantine Aperte, but this year I had two friends staying who wanted to go. Of course, I ended up asRead more

Via Ianelli, Cortona

Overhanging upper storeys in Via Ianelli, Cortona
On Sunday we went to Cortona to visit an antiques market held on the third Sunday of each month. Of course, all but one of the roads to the town were closed because of a car race and when we finally got there we found the antiquesRead more

A Visit to Gubbio

The Palazzo dei Consoli in Gubbio
Last week we went to visit the medieval Umbrian town of Gubbio, the day had started off with blue skies but by the time we arrived it had clouded over, giving the stone buildings of this impressive town a rather austere look. The town hall, the PalazzoRead more