On Easter Sunday in April 2012 we went to the small Tuscan village of San Casciano dei Bagni. We had heard that there were free hot baths below the village that dated back to Roman times and were keen to give it a try. The baths are just over an hour’s drive from our end of the Niccone Valley but we combined our visit with dropping a friend off at Chiusi station. Upon arrival we drove past the main car park in the centre of the village, after stopping near the official thermal baths further down the main road we soon figured out that we needed to go back to the village centre. If you can find a space in the car park without blue lines around it you don’t have to buy a ticket.  To get to the free baths we crossed the main road next to the car park and walked directly downhill along a minor road. It’s about five minutes’ walk downhill, as well as towels and swimming costumes, remember to take something to drink as it’s above body temperature in the baths and you soon get thirsty. At the bottom of the hill you pass a few tables and benches, barbecues and a play area, ideal for a post bath picnic. Follow the track around to the left and you come across the baths, the furthest bath is where the water comes in and is hotter. I hear that the village itself is worth a look, but the threat of a heavy downpour at the end of our visit meant that we scuttled back the car and headed for home!

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