Pian Di Marte Walk, Umbria, Italy

In early June 2016 I took a couple of friends on the Pian di Marte Walk, a route from my book, Circular Walks On The Tuscany Umbria Border, available as a Kindle download from Amazon.

The Route

It’s a fairly long walk and took us over 4 hours, so it’s not a route if you are planning a quick stroll. It starts with a tough climb from the valley floor up to ridges with views of Lake Trasimeno followed by a descent through thickly wooded hillsides.

Torre di Fiume

If you ever bought the original hard copy of my book you may recognise the Torre di Fiume which featured on the cover photo. A decade later, the tower is almost fully restored and makes for a very fancy residence. We finished just in time, no sooner had we arrived back home than we heard the ominous rumble of thunder.