Rasiglia, A Village Sometimes Described As “The Venice Of Umbria”

Whilst on our trip to Norcia last month we stopped en-route at the picturesque village of Rasiglia. Rasiglia is often described as the ” Little Venice Of Umbria” but you won’t find any gondolas or overpriced drinks here, this possibly hyperbolic description derives from the many streams of clear water that flow down the hillside through the village. The source of the streams is just above the village so the water is as pure as it can get.

The streams provided power for water mills within the village and there was a textile mill here until the 1960’s. Thanks to water power, the village had electricity before many larger places were connected to the grid.

Once you’ve enjoyed a wander around this beautiful place you can follow a path up to the castle above, it’s a short but steep climb and you can enjoy a view of the village from above. There is a small bar at the bottom of the village, it looked like a good spot to enjoy an artisan beer whilst admiring the stream, however, this being January in the week there was no sign of it opening in honour of our visit!

Bridge Over Stream In Rasiglia, Umbria