The last stop on our tour of small towns in Umbria was Spello, Spello was originally a Roman town and, as with Bevagna, there are many Roman remains still visible in the town.

The hill town of Spello in Umbria, italy

Spello, Umbria, italy

It was the end of a long day and we didn’t make it further than a short way into town to the church of Santa Maria Maggiore with its beautiful frescoes by the Umbrian painter Pinturicchio.

The Porta Venere, An Entrance Gate To The Town Of Spello In Umbria, Italy

The Porta Venere, An Entrance Gate To Spello, Umbria

Pinturicchio’s frescoes are in the Baglioni chapel on the left hand side of the church. a]€2 entrance fee gives you access. A glass floor over the original maiolica tiles enables you to get up really close to admire these beautiful paintings. Members of the Baglioni family, rulers of Perugia are depicted as the shepherds visiting the baby Jesus. Pinturicchio has painted a self portrait of himself just to remind you who was responsible for this beautiful artwork.

Spello has many narrow alleyways and interesting features on its stone buildings, there are lots of opportunities for photographs as you wander the streets.