A great place to go on a hot summer day are the waterfalls at Sasso, a hamlet on the picturesque road between Città di Castello and Pietralunga. The waterfalls cascade through a series of large pools where you can swim and cool off from the heat. The pools are large enough for a decent swim, particularly if you face the current. At first, the cold water can be a bit of a shock but take the plunge and you won’t be disappointed!

There is a large children’s playground above the river and an open space where many of the young people from Città di Castello congregate in the summer months. The hamlet also has a bar that specialises in serving Torta al Testo, an Umbrian flat bread cooked on a flat stone left in hot ashes. The torta al testo is split, filled with a choice of roasted vegetables, greens, sausage and cheese and grilled before serving.